My recent discovery of fluid painting

So, I’ve recently made a technical, yet highly addictive new discovery of fluid painting. By the sights of it, it seems as though this wonderful method of painting has been experimented with for quite a while now. However, it has become more and more popular. I have to say so myself…it is fun, but does require a bit of knowledge and trial and error. When I say trial and error, it’s nothing more than knowing what you expect out of the results and playing around with a variety of mixtures and chemicals to get the overall effect you desire…Oh, and documenting the techniques and mixtures you used.

I looked at a few YouTube videos, looked up a few techniques, and saw some of the gorgeous paintings others have done. I quickly went to purchase some acrylic paints, small condiment cups, silicone oil, and glue as a starter. I began by filling each of my condiment cups, each with a different color of my choice (I filled these half way). I then poured regular school glue into the same cups (I’d say maybe a few spoon fulls). After that, I began slowly pouring water into my paint and glue mixtures and stirred them up. You don’t want to put too much water in your mixtures at one time or it will get too watery. This is bad because when you go to pour your colors onto your canvas, your colors won’t separate very well and could potentially result in a watery muddy mess….I mean, not unless you want that.You want the consistency to be like a semi thick soup.

After I mixed each color, I then poured each one into a large cup one by one. You can alternate the colors as you pour them into the cup. You don’t have to pour each color inside until it’s gone. The order and alternation depends on your preference and the order you want the colors to show. Lay your canvas onto your large cup with the colors inside (white side of canvas facing down on top of the cup). Tightly holding your large cup and canvas together, flip them over so that the cup is now facing downward on your canvas. I usually give my cup a few taps before lifting it up.

I should’ve mentioned this in the beginning, but this is a very fun but messy process so make sure your surface is covered with newspaper or plastic to protect your surface from what could be a beautiful disaster. After lifting your cup, the paint puddle will run over the surface of the canvas. I recommend moving the canvas back and forth slowly until you reach your desire design and cell formation.

This technique folks, is the dirty pour. You can also do the same technique, but replacing the glue with silicone oil like I also did for some others. The silicone oil worked out a lot better in my opinion. You only need a few drops in each condiment cup. Here are some examples below of how mine turned out:


Here is a little video sample of how I complete the dirty pour process:


The Final result:

Here are some examples below of me just pouring my colors directly on to the canvas, as a regular pour. I mixed these with acrylic, water, and silicone oil (for better cell formation).



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Hello! Welcome to my blog! This is where I will be posting my recent and non recent artwork, talking about my experiences as an up and coming artist, what inspires me as an artist and person, posting inspiring content for you lovely readers... ooorr if you're just simply looking for loads of fun crafts and projects you've come to the right place. As I've previously mentioned, I am an artist... inspired by the water, color, and often depicting scenes which displays the absence of human presence in my work. I also dabble in graphic design and have recently explored fluid painting, which I have found to be quite fascinating and might I mention, HIGHLY addictive. You never know what you're going to get with fluid paintings until it all comes together in the end. I've referred to my myself as an art prodigy on several occasions... hence the name of my blog, *wink wink*. I don't refer to myself as an art prodigy in the sense that I know all that there is or that I'm super pretentious... because I'm quite opposite. I refer to myself as an art prodigy because I ENJOY learning all that there is about art and creating. I love to be able to even research a certain subject, learn all that I can, and then try to master it. Sometimes I've done just that. I like the idea, the self gratitude of being able to say, "Hey! I did it!" I am constantly working to prove it to myself. Art is such a wonderful thing. It eases stress, liberates you, sets a mood, inspires, allows you to self reflect, allows the ability to be expressive, and what I like most is that you can do whatever you want. It comes from you, your experiences, your imagination, your inspiration. Who wouldn't want to explore that? With all of that being said, I sincerely hope that you enjoy my blog on the days to come. If you'd like to stay connected, please feel free to follow me at my social media sites below to stay updated or just to see what I've been up to: Twitter: @Leawayartisans Facebook:

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